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Item No.: ALQDB6007-01
Description: 48110-35210
Material: 60Si2Mn
Size(MM): 60*7 mm
Straight Length: 1150 mm
Weight: 17.95kgs
You can rest assured to buy 48110-35210 Leaf Springs from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

48110-35210 Leaf Spring

48110-35210 Leaf Spring is also called blade springs.

How to buy qualified and suitable for automotive leaf springs

(1) Check whether the specifications and models are suitable. Most automotive leaf springs have specific models and technical parameters. Pay attention to the model when buying a car leaf spring.

(2) Check whether the trademark logo is complete. The genuine outer packaging is of good quality, the handwriting of the packaging box is clear, and the overprint color is bright. Usually, they are equipped with instructions, certificates of conformity, and inspector seals to guide users in proper use and maintenance. Careful identification should be taken when purchasing to prevent the purchase of counterfeit products.

(3) Check whether the geometric dimensions are deformed. Due to improper manufacturing, transportation, and storage, some parts are easily deformed.

(4) Check whether the joint parts are equal. During the handling and storage of parts, due to vibration and bumping, burrs, indentations, damage or cracks often appear in the joint parts, which affect the use of automotive leaf springs.

(5) Check whether the surface of the car leaf spring is rusted. The qualified automotive leaf spring surface has a certain accuracy and finish. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing. If it is found that the automobile leaf spring has rust spots, mildew spots, rubber parts are cracked, lose elasticity or have obvious turning knife lines on the surface, it should be replaced.

(6) Check whether the protective surface is intact. Most automotive leaf springs leave the factory coated with a protective layer. If the seal sleeve is damaged, the wrapping paper is missing, or the rust oil or paraffin is lost during the purchase process, it should be returned and replaced.

(7) Check whether the leaf spring parts of the car are loose. For attachments consisting of two or more parts, there must be no looseness between them if the parts are formed by stamping, bonding or welding. If looseness is found during the purchase process, it needs to be replaced.

(8) Check whether the rotating parts are flexible. If the rotating part does not rotate correctly, it means that the internal part is rusted or deformed. Don't buy.

(9) Check whether there are any missing parts in the automotive leaf spring assembly. Normally assembled parts must be complete and complete to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If some small parts on the assembly are not installed, the assembly will not work or even be scrapped.

(10) Check whether the car leaf spring assembly mark is clear. In order to ensure that the assembly relationship of automotive leaf springs meets the technical requirements, some parts (such as timing gears) are engraved with assembly marks. If there is no mark or the marking is illegible, even if the assembly is wrong, it can cause great difficulties in assembly. Check the surface of the car leaf spring for wear. If there are wear marks on the surface of the leaf spring of the car, or if the painted parts find old paint after the surface paint peels, it is mostly discarded camouflage and can be replaced.

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