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Parabolic Leaf Spring Assembly
  • Parabolic Leaf Spring AssemblyParabolic Leaf Spring Assembly

Parabolic Leaf Spring Assembly

Item No.: HG-50
Description: Parabolic Assembly
Bimetal Bushing: 2φ38×32×98
Material: 60Si2Mn
Size: 100*14, 15 mm
Straight Length: 1670 mm
Weight: 107.00kgs/set
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Product Description

Parabolic Leaf Spring Assembly

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

The potential effect of heating and curing of electrophoretic coating film on residual stress and fatigue life after leaf spring shot peening The heating and curing temperature of electrophoretic coating film is 160~170°C and the time is 30min. This process may have a negative effect on the residual stress after leaf spring shot peening, thereby shortening the fatigue life and actual service life of the leaf spring. On the production line, 8 pieces of leaf springs after shot peening were randomly selected, of which 4 pieces were only shot peened without painting, and the other 4 pieces were electrophoresised, baked and cured (temperature was 190°C, time was 30min), and then the residual stress was measured with X350 stress detector.

The test results show that the residual stress value deviation in the two cases does not exceed 5%, which is less than the allowable test fluctuation difference (±13MPa), which proves that the heating and curing of the electrophoretic paint has no significant effect on the residual stress after leaf spring shot peening. In addition, a bench fatigue life comparison test was carried out on electrophoretic coated leaf springs and electrostatic coated leaf springs.


The results show that the fatigue life of the bench of the electrophoretic coating product is slightly higher than that of the original electrostatic spraying product (generally 5%~10% higher).

a. Increasing the medium coating can greatly improve the orange peel of the topcoat coating.

b. The appearance of the body with medium coating, in addition to the orange peel feeling of the whole vehicle becomes smaller, the paint fullness of the whole vehicle is also better.

c. The medium coating significantly improves the gloss of the whole vehicle.

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