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Leaf Spring for Mitsubishi
  • Leaf Spring for MitsubishiLeaf Spring for Mitsubishi

Leaf Spring for Mitsubishi

Item No.: XGLH-05 (3pcs/set)
Description: For Mitsubishi MC189221H-H2
Material: 60Si2Mn
Size: 70*6, 14mm
Weight: 26.58kgs
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Product Description

Leaf Spring for Mitsubishi

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

Leaf Spring Leaf spring is the most widely used elastic element in automobile suspension, which is a combination of several alloy spring sheets of equal width but not equal length (thickness can be equal or not) An elastic beam of approximately equal strength.

(1) Multi-piece spring: superimposed by multiple steel sheets of different lengths and the same width. The steel plates of multiple leaf springs are superimposed into an inverted triangle shape, the uppermost steel plate is the longest, the lowest steel plate is the shortest, the number of steel plates is related to the weight of the supporting bus, the more thicker and shorter the steel plate, the greater the spring rigidity. However, when the leaf spring is used for a long time, the pieces will slide and rub against each other to produce noise. The relative friction between the steel plates can also cause spring deformation, resulting in uneven driving.

(2) Less piece spring: It is superimposed by steel sheets with thin ends and thick middle, equal width and equal length. The cross-section of the steel plate of the few leaf springs changes greatly, and the cross-sections from the middle to the ends are gradually different, so the rolling process is more complicated and the price is more expensive than that of multi-piece springs. Compared with multi-leaf springs, under the same stiffness (i.e., the same load carrying capacity), the less leaf springs are about 50% lighter than the multi-leaf springs, which reduces fuel consumption and increases driving smoothness. Moreover, there is less point contact between the single pieces of the reed, which reduces relative friction and vibration, and increases riding comfort.

The advantages are simple structure, reliable work, low cost and convenient maintenance. It is both an elastic element of the suspension and a guide to the suspension. The disadvantage is that it can only be used for non-independent suspension, the weight is heavier, the rigidity is large, the comfort is poor, the longitudinal size is longer, which is not conducive to shortening the front and rear overhangs of the car, and the leaf spring pin at the connection with the frame is easy to wear.

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