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ISUZU Leaf Spring
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ISUZU Leaf Spring

Item No.: XGLH-01 (8pcs/set)
Description: ISUZU 30T
Material: 60Si2Mn
Size: 80*16 mm
Weight: 97.04kgs
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Product Description

ISUZU 30Tons Leaf Spring Assy

ISUZU Leaf Spring is also called blade springs.

The full name of automobile leaf spring is automotive leaf spring, and the shock absorption elements of automobile suspension system generally have several forms such as air spring, leaf spring, coil spring, torsion bar spring, etc. Leaf springs are commonly used in large and medium-sized vehicles such as buses and trucks, and coil springs are used in small cars.

In the process of car driving, the automobile leaf spring bearing is mainly subjected to repeated bending stress, so the damage of the automobile leaf spring is generally caused by too long use, our automobile leaf spring in daily use should pay attention to the replacement quality of good quality. Zibo Kafu Auto Parts Factory produces good quality of automobile leaf springs, and the spring steel used in automotive leaf springs has better elastic limit and elastic reduction resistance, and can avoid fracture under stress during use.

Automotive leaf springs are elastic elements in automotive suspension systems. It has the following characteristics in terms of force situation and structural analysis in automobiles:

1. The automobile leaf spring is working in the form of a beam in the car, and its main force direction is perpendicular to the leaf spring, and its degree of deformation is less affected.

2. Most of the bending moments of automobile leaf springs on automobiles are unidirectional loads, and their bending stresses are also unidirectional stresses.

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