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jinbei truck leaf spring
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jinbei truck leaf spring

Item No.: ZL-ISUZU-5L(ELSH-01)
Description: ISUZU(TAPERING) With 4 iron bushing
Material: 60Si2Mn
Size: 60*9 mm
Straight Length: 1140 mm
Weight: 24.65kgs
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Product Description

Leaf Spring With 4 Iron Bushing

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

Leaf springs are the most widely used elastic element in automotive suspensions. It is an elastic beam with approximately equal strength, consisting of several alloy spring plates of equal width but unequal length (thickness can be equal or unequal). When leaf springs are installed in a car suspension and the vertical load they are subjected to is positive, each spring plate is deformed by force and tends to arch upward. At this point, the axles and racks are close to each other. When the axle and frame are far apart, the forward vertical load and deformation of the leaf spring will gradually decrease, sometimes even in reverse. The main lifting lug is severely stressed and the strength is weak. To improve the stress state of the main lug, the end of the second lug is usually bent into a lug and wrapped around the outside of the main lug, called a wrapped lug. In order for each workpiece to slide relative during elastic deformation, a large gap is left between the roller lugs of the main workpiece and the lugs of the second workpiece. In some suspensions, instead of making rolling lugs at both ends, leaf springs use other support connection methods, such as rubber support pads. Flat rectangular steel plates have a curved shape. The chassis consists of several springs. One end is mounted on the hanger with a pin, and the other end is connected to the main beam with lifting lugs so that the spring can be retracted.

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