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Auto Leaf Spring
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Auto Leaf Spring

Item No.: XMWD-01/04
Description: WD14/WD18
Powder Bushing: 2φ30×25×79(WD14)
Material: WD14:55CrMnA WD18:50CrVA
Size: WD14:20×90
Straight Length: WD14:1820 mm
WD18:1234 mm
Weight: WD14:26.28kgs/pc
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Product Description

Auto Leaf Spring

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

Leaf spring is an important part to measure the shock absorption effect of a vehicle, so in order to ensure that the leaf spring has good working characteristics and service life, it must be used and maintained correctly during vehicle operation. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the leaf spring in advance, in order to avoid this situation, let's understand and learn some taboos about leaf springs.

Contraindications to leaf springs

Taboo 1: Prolonged overload

The load-bearing force of the leaf spring was originally designed according to the loading mass of the vehicle. If it is overloaded for a long time, the fatigue strength of the leaf spring will decrease, which is prone to fracture, and the overload will not only cause damage to the leaf spring, but also lead to damage to the engine, transmission train components, and excessive wear of tires.

Suggestion: Try to ensure that the vehicle is not overloaded or eccentric, and give reasonable play to the performance of the vehicle.

Taboo 2: driving at high speeds

The vehicle is driven at an economical speed, which not only ensures safety, but also saves fuel. However, if the driving speed of some vehicles is too high, especially driving on poor roads, it will cause the deformation amplitude of the leaf spring to become larger, the frequency will increase, and the leaf spring will be accelerated and damaged. For example, dump trucks, the operating environment is generally relatively bad, but some drivers blindly pursue economic benefits, overload, high-speed driving are dry, which also accelerates the damage of the vehicle, and such driving habits are not safe.

Suggestion: The vehicle should drive at low speed on bad roads, especially when the vehicle crosses the ditch, slow down in advance to prevent crossing the ditch with brakes.

Taboo 3: Sharp corners

When the vehicle corners, it will generate a large centrifugal force. For example, when the turning is too rapid, the load of the outer leaf spring of the vehicle is increased while generating a large centrifugal force, which in turn produces the deformation of the leaf spring, resulting in excessive force on the outer leaf spring, fatigue and fracture.

Recommendation: The vehicle should slow down when cornering, with low speed and medium speed as the optimal speed, which is both safe and can reduce the breakdown of the vehicle.

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