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Trailer Leaf Springs
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Trailer Leaf Springs

Item No.: HG-30
Description: JT5-98412
Material: SUP9
Size: 76*20 mm
Straight Length: 1140 mm
Weight: 48.91kgs/set
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Product Description

Jt5-98412 Trailer Leaf Springs

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

Some roads are not smooth, so the car will be subject to greater vibration during driving, which requires the front and rear frames of the car, especially the tractor, to be connected to each other, and to use good elastic devices to connect the front and rear axles to reduce the impact of the car. Generally speaking, ordinary passenger cars use coil springs as elastic elements, and those that often have to drive on rough roads, such as off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, tractors, etc., need to use leaf springs to connect the car body.

As the name suggests, it is a spring made of steel plate, which is generally equal in thickness and appears narrow at both ends and wider in the middle. For both material and performance considerations, the appearance of leaf springs generally conforms to or is close to the design of stress beams. Another kind of steel plate has different thickness, the two ends are thinner than the middle, relatively rare, mostly used in light and small cars, while buses, trucks and other larger vehicles mostly use the former leaf spring.

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