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What is the fatigue behavior of automotive springs?


The fatigue performance of automobile springs is that the car spring will undergo non-rebound deformation.

More information about automotive springs is as follows:

1. Leaf spring: Leaf spring is the most widely used elastic element in automobile suspension. It is a combination of several pieces of equal width but not equal length (thickness can be equal or not equal) alloy spring plates composed of an approximately equal strength elastic beam, the first piece of the leaf spring (the longest piece) is called the main piece, its two ends are bent into rolled lugs, and the bushing made of bronze or plastic, rubber, powder metallurgy, etc., is used to facilitate the bracket or lifting lug seat fixed on the frame with spring pins to form a hinge connection. The middle of the leaf spring is generally fixed to the axle with U-bolts.

2. Coil spring: Coil spring is widely used in independent suspension, especially in the independent suspension of the front wheel. In the non-independent rear suspension of some cars, the elastic elements also use coil springs.


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