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What is a leaf spring?


Leaf spring is the most widely used elastic component in automotive suspension, which is an approximately equal strength elastic beam composed of several alloy spring plates of equal width but not equal length (thickness can be equal or not).

When a steel plate spring is installed in a car suspension and the vertical load it bears is in the positive direction, each spring plate undergoes force deformation and tends to arch upwards. At this point, the axle and frame approach each other. When the axle and frame are far away from each other, the positive vertical load and deformation on the steel plate spring gradually decrease, and sometimes even reverse.

The main film ear is severely stressed and is a weak point. To improve the stress situation of the main film ear, the end of the second film is often bent into a ear and wrapped outside the main film ear, known as the ear wrap. In order to allow for relative sliding of each piece during elastic deformation, a large gap is left between the main piece rolling ear and the second piece wrapping ear. In some suspensions, the two ends of the steel plate spring are not made into rolling ears, and other support connection methods are used, such as rubber support pads.

The flat rectangular steel plate is curved in shape, and a chassis composed of several stacked plates is equipped with springs. One end is installed on the hanger with pins, and the other end is connected to the main beam with lifting eyes, allowing the springs to expand and contract. Suitable for medium to large cargo trucks.

Car leaf springs are very important. As we all know, steel plate springs are composed of many elastic, uniform in width and thickness, and varying in length. Its function is to connect the frame and axle together in a suspended form, exposed between the frame and axle, withstand the load impact of the wheels on the frame, reduce the severe vibration of the body, maintain the smoothness of vehicle driving and adaptability to different road conditions.

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