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How to choose a car leaf spring


How to choose a car leaf spring

In the maintenance and repair of cars, car owners are often troubled by accidentally buying fake and shoddy car leaf springs and inappropriate leaf springs. So, how can we buy qualified and suitable automobile leaf springs?

(1) Check whether the specifications and models are suitable. Most automobile leaf springs have specified models and technical parameters. When purchasing a car leaf spring, you should pay attention to the model. (2) Check whether the trademark logo is complete. The outer packaging of authentic products is of good quality, the writing on the packaging box is clear, and the overprinting color is bright. Generally, it is equipped with an instruction manual, a certificate of conformity and an inspector's seal to guide users in correct use and maintenance. When purchasing, you should carefully recognize it to prevent buying fake and shoddy products.

(3) Check the geometric dimensions for deformation. Some parts are prone to deformation due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage.

(4) See if the joint parts are equal. During the handling and storage of spare parts, due to vibration and bumping, burrs, indentations, damage or cracks often occur at the joint parts, which affect the use of automobile leaf springs.

(5) Check whether there is rust on the surface of the leaf spring of the car. Qualified automobile leaf spring surface has both certain precision and bright finish. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing. If you find that the automobile leaf spring has rust spots, mildew spots, or rubber parts crack, lose elasticity, or Obvious turning tool lines should be replaced.

(6) Check whether the protective surface is intact. Most automotive leaf springs come with a protective coating from the factory. When purchasing, if you find that the sealing sleeve is damaged, the wrapping paper is missing, the anti-rust oil or paraffin is missing, you should ask to return it.

(7) Check whether the leaf spring parts of the car are loose. An accessory composed of two or more parts is formed by pressing, gluing or welding, and no looseness is allowed between them. If it is found to be loose when purchasing, it should be replaced on request.

(8) Check whether the rotating parts are flexible. If the rotating parts do not rotate well, it means that the interior is corroded or deformed, so do not buy it.

(9) Check whether there are any missing parts in the automobile leaf spring assembly. Formal assembly components must be complete and intact to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If individual small parts on some assembly components are missing, the assembly components will not work or even be scrapped.

(10) Check whether the assembly mark of the automobile leaf spring is clear. In order to ensure that the assembly relationship of the automobile leaf spring meets the technical requirements, assembly marks are engraved on the surface of some parts (such as timing gears). If there is no mark or the mark is vague and unrecognizable, it will bring great difficulties to assembly, or even wrong installation. Check whether the surface of the car leaf spring is worn or not. If there are signs of wear on the surface of the car leaf spring, or the old paint is found after the paint parts are peeled off, it is mostly a waste camouflage, and you can ask for a return.

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