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Composition of leaf spring


Leaf springs are most commonly used in freight vehicles, and common leaf springs on trucks are symmetrical leaf springs composed of plates of equal widths and lengths. They are installed in the vehicle's suspension system and act as shock absorption and load-bearing.

Leaf spring is composed of leaf spring - steel plate clamp - center bolt - bolt - rolling lug - sleeve. The assembly state of the leaf spring is that the ends are naturally bent upwards, and the length of the steel plate is reduced from top to bottom. The first piece is the longest piece and is called the main piece. The two ends of the main body are rolling lugs rolled into round holes of steel plates, and the sleeve is installed in the round holes and connected with the beam frame. In order to increase the strength of the lifting lugs, the sides of the second steel plate are slightly cocked to wrap the main lifting lugs. Each leaf spring is held in place by a central screw. To prevent multi-leaf springs from misalignment due to jumps during operation, steel plate clamps are used for tightening.

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