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Precautions for maintenance of automotive leaf springs


In the process of using the vehicle, sometimes there will be leaf spring damage and fracture, leaf spring used for too long, fracture phenomenon is normal, but if it is early damage, most of the cases are caused by abnormal use of components and improper or lack of maintenance. The following summarizes several precautions in the use of leaf springs for all riders.

1. Riders and friends need to pay more attention to the maintenance of leaf springs in daily life and lubricate them regularly, so as to prevent the shock absorber failure caused by insufficient lubrication.

2. During maintenance, we should also pay attention to the tightening of riding bolts and center bolts to prevent damage to the leaf spring caused by loose bolts.

3. The rated load mass of the vehicle is largely related to the number of steel plates, and the fatigue strength of the leaf spring will be reduced when the vehicle is often overloaded or eccentric, and the service life of the leaf spring will be relatively shortened.

4. If you want to extend the service life of the leaf spring, you should pay attention to avoid driving too fast, especially when driving on rough roads, too fast speed can easily lead to the leaf spring due to acceleration fatigue and damage.

5. In addition, emergency braking should be minimized when driving, otherwise the leaf spring will be subjected to excessive bending stress and tensile stress; When cornering, the speed is too fast, which will also increase the load of the outer leaf spring, causing the acceleration damage of the leaf spring.

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