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The lubricating effect of automotive leaf springs?


leaf springs

As we all know, the lubrication of automotive leaf springs is very important, and automotive leaf springs are composed of many steel plates with elasticity, uniform width and thickness, and different lengths. The main function is to connect the frame and the axle in the form of suspension, so that it is exposed between the frame and the axle, bears the load impact of the wheels on the frame, reduces the violent vibration of the body, and maintains the stability of the vehicle and its adaptability to different road conditions. When the leaf spring is impacted by the load, a tensile movement is formed, and there is strong friction between the steel plate and the steel plate, that is, the phenomenon of extrusion and stretching. The two friction surfaces generate moving friction in two different directions, resulting in temperature rise and surface strain of the leaf spring.

leaf springs

As the frequency of load impacts increases, so does the friction generated by tensile motion, and when the stress concentration point reaches the fatigue limit, a single or entire stack is destroyed. According to the principle of motion mechanics, the test shows that when the frequency of motion increases, the temperature of the steel parts subjected to compression and stretching increases, the strength decreases, the stress concentration point appears strong lines, the strong lines gradually expand and deepen, and will be damaged when the fatigue limit is reached. The same is true for automotive leaf springs, but they have higher elasticity and are more durable than regular steel parts.

Among other reasons, the main reason for the fracture of the leaf spring is poor lubrication, which should be attracted to the attention of the driver and technical management personnel, and the leaf spring should be lubricated in time. The general lubrication method is that new cars should be lubricated at the end of the break-in period and during summer and winter use. During the lubrication operation, the leaf spring is first removed, the center penetration bolt is opened, the steel plate is spread, and then lithium grease or graphite grease is evenly applied on both sides of the steel plate, and an oil film is formed between the two friction surfaces after reassembly.

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