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The working principle of leaf springs


When leaf springs are installed in a car suspension and the vertical load they are subjected to is positive, each spring plate is deformed by force and tends to arch upward. At this point, the axles and racks are close to each other. When the axle and frame are far apart, the forward vertical load and deformation of the leaf spring will gradually decrease, sometimes even in reverse.

In some suspensions, the ends of the leaf spring are not made into rolled lugs, but other support connection methods, such as rubber support pads.

The flat rectangular steel plate has a curved shape, and the chassis consists of several springs. One end is mounted on the hanger with a pin, and the other end is connected to the main beam with lifting lugs so that the spring can be retracted. Currently, it is suitable for some hardcore off-road vehicles and trucks without load-bearing bodies.

leaf springs

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