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Leaf Spring for Beiben Truck
  • Leaf Spring for Beiben TruckLeaf Spring for Beiben Truck

Leaf Spring for Beiben Truck

Item No.: ZL-10020-02/-4
Description: For Beiben Truck
Material: SUP9
Size(MM): 100*20 mm
Straight Length: 1650 mm
Weight: 25.91kgs/piece
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Product Description

Leaf Spring for Beiben Truck

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

When the leaf spring is installed in the suspension of the car, the vertical load is positive, and each spring plate is deformed by force, and there is a tendency to arch upward. At this point, the axle and frame are close to each other. When the axle and frame are moved away from each other, the positive vertical load and deformation of the leaf spring gradually decreases, sometimes even in reverse.

In order to improve the force of the main piece ear roll, the end of the second piece is often bent into a rolled ear, wrapped in the outside of the main piece ear, called the ear wrap. In order to make each piece have the possibility of sliding relative during elastic deformation, there is a large gap between the curly ears of the main piece and the ears of the second piece. Some leaf springs in some suspensions are not made into rolled lugs at both ends, but use other support connections, such as rubber support pads.

The flat rectangular steel plate is curved, and the chassis spring is stacked with several pieces, one end is mounted on the hanger with a tip, and the other end is connected to the girder with lifting lugs, so that the spring can be stretched. It is currently suitable for medium and large trucks.

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