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Front Leaf Spring Assy
  • Front Leaf Spring AssyFront Leaf Spring Assy

Front Leaf Spring Assy

Item No.: ZL-9014-04
Description: 1491 FRONT ASSY. FOR STYER
Bimetal Bushing: 2φ40×30×89
Material: 60Si2Mn
Size: 90*14 mm
Straight Length: 1800 mm
Weight: 119.13kgs/set
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Product Description

Front Leaf Spring Assy for Styer

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

Automotive leaf spring custom manufacturers bear the role of various stresses during the driving of the car, among which repeated bending stress is the mainstay, and the vast majority of them are fatigue failure. Therefore, it is required that spring steel should have high elastic limit and good elastic reduction resistance, high yield ratio, in order to prevent fatigue and fracture under alternating stress, the spring should have high fatigue strength and corrosion resistance. Automotive leaf springs generally make important parts with high strength and good plasticity, and important parts with special performance requirements after nitriding treatment, such as shafts, gears, fasteners, etc., can be used as ultra-high-strength steel after low-temperature tempering or isothermal tempering.

The combined action of silicon-manganese elements in automotive leaf spring customization improves the hardenability of steel, silicon also effectively improves tempering stability, and manganese improves wear resistance. However, silicon promotes decarburization tendency, and manganese increases the overheating sensitivity of steel, but after the composite addition of the two, the decarburization and overheating sensitivity of silicon-manganese steel is smaller than that of silicon steel and manganese steel. However, quenching cracks will still occur due to overheating sensitivity, and decarburization will have a significant impact on the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the workpiece.

In order to improve the strength and fatigue life of the spring, the leaf spring after heat treatment should be shot peened, and the fatigue life of the shot peening treatment can generally reach 5-10 times that of unpeasing. Therefore, the service life of the leaf spring of the vehicle operated by the driver is much higher than that of the leaf spring of the vehicle with bad road conditions, serious overload, and rough driving by the driver.

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