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Leaf Spring for Dongfeng Truck
  • Leaf Spring for Dongfeng TruckLeaf Spring for Dongfeng Truck

Leaf Spring for Dongfeng Truck

Item No.: For Dongfeng Truck
Description: For Dongfeng Truck
Material: 50CrVA
Size: 90*18, 25mm
Weight: 133.49kgs
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Product Description

Leaf Spring for Dongfeng Truck

Automotive leaf springs are also called blade springs.

(1) Cold forming process of leaf spring

1) One-time automation capability of cold forming process. The cold forming machine has now been developed to 12 claws. The steel wire in the range of (0.3~14)mm can basically be formed at one time in the 8-jaw forming machine. At present, the development direction of forming process equipment: (1) improve the forming speed, the main development trend is to improve the forming speed of the equipment, that is, production efficiency; (2) Improve equipment durability by improving the precision of equipment parts and strengthening the heat treatment effect; (3) Add length sensor and laser rangefinder to the CNC forming machine for automatic closed-loop control of the manufacturing process.

2) Cold forming process range capability. At present, the large wire diameter spring coiling machine, the specification can reach 20mm, =2000MPa, and the winding ratio is 5. The cold forming process for variable or equal diameter Minic-Block springs and eccentric springs still has limitations.

(2) Hot forming process of leaf spring

1) Hot forming process speed capability. At present, China's forming in (9~25)mm specifications is only CNC 2-axis hot coil spring machine, and the speed is 17 pieces per minute. Compared with developed countries, the gap is large.

2) Large spring hot forming process control ability. Since there is only a CNC 2-axis hot coil spring machine, the shape control has less three directions and poor accuracy; Moreover, there is no automatic bar stock rotation control and adjustment mechanism, so the level and ability of hot coil spring forming process are low. Therefore, the accuracy level of the spring and the level of surface oxidative decarburization are also low.

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